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We Don’t Watch TV, We Watch Twitch (King Gothalion Fangirl Post)

Probably around 2 and a half to 3 years ago, our household discovered King Gothalion. I had known about and knew what the platform offered but until I discovered Gothalion, I didn’t really know how entertaining it could be or how much a part of people’s lives it could be.

I’d watched streams like the Bungie Destiny reveal streams or the occasional live stream for “raid alongs” but I had never tuned in for more than an hour at a time.

Gamer For Life

My partner and I have both been avid gamers our whole lives but I had never really watched other people play; until I met Olly and we discovered YouTubers like Yogscast. However, they never really play the games we play. Things like Destiny, The Division and other looter shooter games.

It was through YouTube that we found a video Gothalion had posted teaching his wife (WIFEthalion) how to play Destiny. It was one of the most frustrating and amusing videos I’ve ever seen.

After this we started tuning in live to his streams and not only were we instantly entertained, we were also super excited to see that Gothalion was also a fan of the retro games like we are.

We got really hooked when he started his retro Zelda game playthroughs on the run up to the launch of Breath of the Wild.

I fell pregnant in September 2016 and spent almost my entire pregnancy being entertained by Gothalion and his friends. His Zelda playthroughs of games like Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask had me laughing all day and the nostalgia feels were definitely there. Ocarina of Time was one of the first console games I ever played when my dad bought me an N64 for my 12th birthday.

The Best Quality Streamer Out There

As an entertainer and a streamer I believe he is the best there is. We’ve watched other streamers and with the exception of a few of his friends (like Tim who streams on Facebook, for example), no one can keep us entertained all day and no one has the quality that Gothalion has in terms of his set up. He is very particular and it shows.

His overlays aren’t obnoxious and his alert sounds are smooth and non intrusive. His entire show (and it is a show) is one of the best out there. The audio quality is on point, the volumes are perfect and his whole stream just always looks crisp and professional. His stream setup is something every streamer should strive for – and I’m sure they do.

We still watch a few Netflix TV shows, don’t get me wrong – and we do have the occasional movie night. In this house though, our main form of entertainment is Gothalion’s stream.

An Important Part of Our Lives

Both my partner and I suffer from depression and whilst I would say we are both very much functioning depressives (if that’s even a thing), we do struggle on a daily basis with low moods.

I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for Gothalion (and similar streamers such as Bmore12 and Darkness429) we would have found it an awful lot harder to deal with day to day struggles like financial trouble, work stress or the challenge that is parenthood.

The comedy that these entertainers inject into our daily lives literally keeps us going. We find ourselves laughing every day and when you have depression that can be a tough thing to achieve.

Charity Makes You Feel Good

Speaking of feeling good. One of the best things that Gothalion does as a businessman is use his position as an influencer to raise stupid amounts of money for charity’s like St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

His yearly (co founded) Guardiancon event raises millions every year for St. Jude’s. I think the total they’ve raised is in excess of $5 million at this point.

One day, Olly and I will take our daughter Eriana to Florida and experience the joys of Guardiancon. Unfortunately, for the time being we have to settle with just watching the streams from home and donating any small amounts we have spare.

Positivity Is Key In This World

One of the biggest reasons we enjoy watching Gothalion is that he shuts down the negative and toxic people in the gaming community if he can. He has an ethos of gaming doing good and along with his charity drives, he does his very best to promote positivity in everything he does.

Whether it’s a new game that people are shitting on or a state of mind that people seem to think is OK – Gothalion is quick to remind people not to be dicks and to see the positive in everything. After all, video games are supposed to be fun!

We all play video games to have fun and having a constant negative view of the world and of the gaming industry in particular, is the quickest way to suck the joy out of playing games.

As a Destiny streamer he has learned how to deal with negative viewers and dickheads in chat – cue the “Destiny is dead” comments. He simply tells them to fuck off and go be negative elsewhere. Whilst occasionally frustration over a game update or a wrong step by Bungie or any other game developer can happen – he still remains positive and helps keep everyone else positive. Something that’s rare in this world these days – especially in the gaming world.

When People Don’t Understand

If you are anything like me, your family or friends who aren’t gamers won’t understand If they don’t, tell them to go and watch Gothalion. He is an entertainer first and the show he puts on every single day is exactly what should be all about.

If anyone you know doesn’t understand then show them Gothalion and they’ll soon realise it’s more than just watching someone play video games. It’s more than just a bunch of geeks talking about video games. It’s a community and it’s a way of life for some people.

In our household, it’s our number one form of entertainment and I sincerely hope he knows how many lives he positively affects on a daily basis. He certainly makes our house a happier place and we feel blessed to have found him.

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