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Destiny 2 New 6 Player Matchmade Activity: The Menagerie

The Menagerie Season of Opulence

With Season of Opulence, the latest Destiny 2 annual pass offering, a new 6 player matchmade activity became available. In my opinion, it’s one of the best activities Bungie have done to date. Set in parts of the Leviathan in Nessus Orbit, The Menagerie is a wave like activity where you are set timed challenges. It feels like a set of mini raid challenges (although less challenging). You also can’t fail which makes it great given that it’s matchmade. You continue to make progress even if you don’t complete each encounter.

You have a meter on the left of your screen which shows you your progress towards the final encounter. Basically, you fight your way through encounters in different rooms in the Leviathan until your progress bar fills up and then you’ll be directed to the final boss encounter.

At the moment there is only one boss but new bosses will be added each week until there is a rotation of 3 bosses. According to the Bungie roadmap for Season of Opulence, heroic mode for The Menagerie will launch on the 25th of June.

The heroic mode will not feature matchmaking and it’s yet to be revealed what the differences from the normal mode will be – if there are any beyond harder enemies.

How does The Menagerie work?

Before you enter The Menagerie, you will need to slot runes into your Chalice of Opulence. These runes will determine the reward you receive from the chest at the end of the boss encounter. Don’t worry if you forget though because you can add runes to your Chalice at the end anyway.

You always start in the Lamplighting encounter which is a simple fight against smaller enemies and yellow bars who drop orbs which are then to be placed into the lamps in the centre of the room.

Once all the lamps are lit, you continue onto the first proper encounter.

The order appears to be random and it’s not clear if new encounters will be added when the new bosses arrive or if the current 6 (that I’ve encountered myself) are all that will be available.

From what I understand there are about 3 levels of difficulty in each encounter. In other words, you need to do 3 waves of each activity in order to complete it. You do have a timer counting down and at lower light levels you will reach enemies who have swords next to their names, indicating you’re under-powered for the activity. This can obviously make it harder to complete. There are triumphs associated with completing and speed running each encounter.

Before each encounter you will be able to use rally banners to fill your supers and ammo.

The Hunted

This encounter is where you stand on hive plates which act like control zones. You and your team will be overwhelmed by thrall (including exploding thrall) and there are also acolytes and then the big Knight dude who will sword slam the plates if you don’t kill him quickly. Well of Radiance and tether are the ideal supers here.

The Arkborn

This encounter is set in the same room as the raid entrance and involves running through towers of light to collect souls. You can stack to a maximum of 3 and then need to dunk the buff into one of the hive pods. When you’ve built up enough energy from the dunked souls, an ogre spawns. Once you kill him, you then rinse and repeat the dunking and then two wizards will spawn at the front of the room. When you kill them, you move onto the last round of this encounter where another boss will need to be killed to complete the encounter.

The Crystals

This encounter involves killing vex harpys and taking the void craniums they drop and using them to laser the purple/void crystals in the alcoves around the room. The room has three levels and after all the crystals are destroyed on each level you then get a boss spawn. As far as I know, there are 3 waves of this encounter, each with harder enemies and bosses.

The Riposte

This one is done by killing orange bar knights who drop swords (like in escalation protocol), you then use your swords to smash the shields off the other knights who spawn with overshields. After you’ve killed the first wave of knights with shields, you’ll then have to do the same but with ogres spawning with overshields. You continue in this way until the encounter is complete.

The Gauntlet

Remember the Gauntlet section of the Leviathan raid? This encounter is a spin on that. Basically you spawn into the main room, loads of vex spawn and you’ll need to kill a big minator. Once he’s down, you’ll all be teleported into the gauntlet. This part is where you have to run and jump over holes in the ground and obstacles in order to make it round the room to the finish. There is a triumph for your whole team making it round without dying in the running part. When you reach the end of the first run, you then have to kill a hydra and run again, then a cyclops and then run again.

The Mockery

This one is a little different, in that it doesn’t seem to have any actual waves as such. The area is the same area where the Arkborn takes place. There are three domes – one on the left, right and middle. Each dome has a hive dunking area and has a bubble which protects you from the air outside the domes – like the blind well. From what I’ve experienced you simply kill orange bar wizards who drop orbs. You take these orbs and dunk them into the three hive dunk zones. Repeat this enough and then three ogres spawn – left, right and middle at the front. Kill them to move on.

The Bosses

Week 1 – Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus

Below is some footage from the boss fight during week 1 of The Menagerie.

Obviously we’ve only had access to The Menagerie for a little under a week and next week a new boss will become available. I’ll have to keep you updated on whether or not the encounters also change. I hope the boss fights are all as fun as this one.

I’ll add footage of the new bosses as they become available.

Overall, I think the first week of The Menagerie has gone down well. I enjoyed myself and I like that you get to choose what you earn from finishing it, using the Chalice of Opulence. When the Chalice is fully upgraded and our light levels are a little higher (I was running it at around 725 towards the end of the week) I think it’ll be a great weekly grind for power and good rolls on some good weapons.

Let me know what you think of The Menagerie in the comments below!

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